Here at Optech Microscope Services Ltd we are able to offer a wide range of cameras from both Lumenera and Microtec to cover all needs and budgets.

As a global market leader Lumenera provides an extensive range of high-quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today’s imaging applications. These cameras come with Image Capture & Analyse software.

Here are just some of the range we can provide. For our full range and prices please Contact Us.

Infinity 1-2CB  2.0 Megapixel CMOS USB 2.0, 1/2″ Sensor Colour Camera complete with Image Capture and ANALYZE software.

Infinity 1-3C    3.1 Megapixel CMOS USB 2.0, 1/2″ Sensor Colour Camera complete with Image Capture and ANALYZE software.

Infinity 1-5C    5.0 Megapixel CMOS USB 2.0, 1/2.5″ Sensor Colour Camera complete with Image Capture and ANALYZE software.

Infinity HD       2.0 Megapixel, 1/3″ Sensor HIGH DEFINITION CMOS Colour Camera complete with Infinity HD software. Designed for seminar / conference room environments.

Microtec offer a more cost-effective range of camera which are very good quality with a resolution range of 3 megapixels up to 10 megapixels and come complete with software to drive the camera which includes facilities to measure length, area, angles, to count and to label.

MDC-3C     3.0 Megapixel USB 2.0, 1/2” sensor colour camera with software

MDC-5C     5.0 Megapixel USB 2.0, 1/2.5” sensor colour camera with software

MDC-10C   10.0 Megapixel USB 2.0, 1/2.3 sensor colour camera with software

Each of these cameras comes with a 0.5x C-mount adapter, with tube adapter to enable the adapter to fit eyepiece tubes 23mm, 30mm & 30.5mm diameter. Alternatively, the cameras can be fitted to a C-mount adapter that we can also provide for you.

Microtec also offer the MDC-HDUSB which provides HDMI video output, USB output and a memory card slot that can be fitted to most microscopes which has a phototube or camera port.

The video signal can be sent to an 11.5-inch TV screen (sold separately) which can be combined with the camera to create a single unit. This combined system is attachable to most microscopes.

The mouse control can be used to adjust the video image without connecting via a PC with video & still images being saved to an SD card (4G) included with the camera.

MDC-HDUSB  1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, 1/2.5” sensor colour camera with HDMI cable, USB cable, 12v AC/DC power adaptor, SD Card, Mouse and application software.

Microtec MDC-HDUSB

Flight Cases

These custom designed flight cases are rigidly built with re-enforced edges and hinges, riveted throughout with a completely foam lined interior and two lockable latches these flight cases will protect your microscopes no matter where you take it.

We have cases to suit all major microscope models and build cases to your specific needs.

54 - Flight Case-1
55 - Flight Case-2

Graticules and Stage Micrometres

Optech Microscope Services works with the largest manufacturer that has the largest range of eyepiece reticle/graticule patterns of any manufacturer, most of which they have available from stock, and in sizes to fit all microscopes and magnifiers. If the pattern or size you require is not available then we can arrange a very cost effective custom-make facility. This also includes Walton & Beckett fiber counting graticules for the asbestos industry, HSE/NPL and UKAS Certificate test slides.

56 - Graticule NE1 horiz scale
57 - Graticule NE17 Cross Scale
58 - Graticule WB Asbestos pattern
59 - Graticule Metrology

Other Accessories

  • Filters / Diffusers
  • Heated Stages
  • LED light source retrofit kits for older microscopes