Asbestos Microscopes

2 - ML6520

Meiji Techno ML6520 Phase Contrast Microscope (PCM)
Binocular phase contrast microscope complete with condenser with centring 40X phase annulus in slider, 10X and 40X BF Phase objectives, 12.5X focusing eyepieces including Walton & Beckett graticules, Green interference filter, LED Koehler illumination plus centring phase telescope.

This moderately priced microscope is well used within the asbestos industry due to it being solidly built, reliable, and nicely designed.
Add to this a custom build flight case and you have the perfect solution for a surveyors travelling microscope.

Meiji Techno ML9200 Polarising Light Microscope (PLM)
Binocular polarising microscope complete with 10X eyepieces including Cross Line Graticule, Strain Free Plan 10X objective, Dispersion Staining 10X objective, Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with iris, Rotatable Polariser with Analyser, First Order Red compensating plate and LED Koehler illumination.

This sturdy nicely designed microscope is perfect for and widely used in the asbestos industry.

3 - ML9200 asbestos
4 - MT_9200

Meiji Techno MT9000 Polarising Light Microscope (PLM)
The new MT9000 and MT9900 polarising microscopes are ergonomically designed using CAD technology complete with 10X focusing eyepiece including Cross Line Graticule and 10X non-focusing eyepiece, Strain Free Plan 4X, 10X & 40X objectives, Abbe NA 1.25 condenser, 360° rotating graduated stage.
The ML9000 series microscope has 6v 30w incident Koehler illumination while the ML9900 series has transmitted and incident 6v 30w illumination.

6 - EMT

Meiji Techno EMT2 Bulk Analysis Stereomicroscope
This EMT2 turret type stereo microscope has 1X & 3X objectives with 10X eyepieces giving 10X & 30X magnification which is standard throughout the industry.
Available on P-Stand with F holder focus block & Black/White stage plate and optional LED Ring illuminator.
Or PBH-Stand with F holder focus block, Halogen transmitted and incident illumination with intensity control, glass + Black/White stage plates.

Microtec HM2 Bulk Analysis Stereomicroscope
This economically priced stereomicroscope are well suited for the asbestos industry and has turret type objectives sets 1X/2X, 1X/3X and 2X/4X and comes standard with 10X eyepieces with 15X & 20X eyepieces options available.
These stereomicroscopes come with either a plain pole stand without illumination or a PT stand with incident and transmitted halogen illumination.
These microscopes can be matched up with fluorescence tube ring light or LED ring light.

7 - microtec HM-2